Your questions about Synbionyme Products

Where to find Synbionyme products

Synbionyme laboratory products are sold in pharmacies and drug stores. Just use the store search at the top of the site homepage to find the store nearest you.

How to receive literature on Synbionyme products

you may write to us at the following address: Laboratoire Synbionyme – Service Communication – 12-14 Rond Point des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris or send us an e-mail at: . We will be pleased to send you literature on our products.

How long can products be kept before opening

You will find the Best Before date on the inner pack (tube, bottle) and secondary pack (box) in the EXP format: MM/YYYY, the first 2 digits corresponding to the month and the last 4 to the year.

How long can products be kept after opening

You will find this information on the inner pack (tube, bottle) and secondary pack (box) in the XM format: X representing the number of months you can keep your product after opening it.  

How can I get samples of Synbionyme products

Samples are available from your brand- distributing pharmacist. We are unable to answer all of the requests for samples ourselves.  

Do Synbionyme products contain parabens

No. None of our formulas are preserved with parabens. All the preservatives used in SYNBIONYME products comply with European regulations.

Do Synbionyme products contain BHT

No. None of our formulas contain BHT.

Are Synbionyme products tested on animals

No. European cosmetics legislation (Directive 76/768 / CEE amended on March 1, 2003) requires manufacturers to use alternative methods to test cosmetic products. In compliance with this Directive, we never test our products on animals.  

Are all of the ingredients used in Synbionyme products safe

All of our formulas comply with current European law and have been tested to guarantee excellent results in terms of efficacy and very good tolerance. All of the ingredients SYNBIONYME uses appear on the list of ingredients authorized by European legislation. All of our products are manufactured and tested under strict quality control rules.