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Health and beauty tips Dry skin, when you tug me ! As the most widespread skin type in the northern hemisphere, dry skin can be dull, but it is usually distinguished by its finesse and beauty. Appearing even, with no visible pores, it could almost be the ideal type if it didn’t usually feel tight and unco Find out more
Health and beauty tips Preventing acne The feeling of having tried everything to fight regular acne breakouts can end up discouraging even the most determined sufferers. Maybe it would be wiser to forget about having a perfect complexion and learn to live with acne? Find out more
Understanding your skin Microbiota: on the skin, too A medical and scientific revolution has been underway since microbiology discovered that our health depends on a multitude of microorganisms living in different parts of our body Find out more
Health and beauty tips Fighting pollution While it is still impossible to stop the damage time does to our skin, we have learned to seriously reduce the impact of the different external factors of its premature aging. Find out more
Health and beauty tips 6 false popular beliefs about adult acne in women Acne breakouts in adulthood are like a double punishment. Adolescence is still “under our skin” but without the carefree feeling that once helped attenuate the unsightliness. Find out more
Understanding your skin Phototypes It’s always been common knowledge: not all skin types react the same way to sun exposure. But it wasn’t until 1975 that a Harvard dermatologist had the idea of distinguishing different skin types according to their sensitivity to ultraviolet rays ... Find out more